After the quake: worthy of your attention

Owing to the final stages of my thesis and subsequent travel for the Global Voices Summit, blogging will be intermittent from now until mid-May. Still, there’s no excuse not to point you faithful few in the direction of interesting stories. For now, here are some Qinghai-related updates.

  • In response to Wednesday’s quake, Hu Jintao cut short his trip to South America, while Wen Jiabao arrived in Qinghai on Thursday. Premier Wen told survivors, “right now, our most important task is to save lives. More troops will be deployed. We will spare no effort as long as there is the faintest hope.”
  • As many predicted, the schools that have succumbed to the Qinghai earthquake have received substantial scrutiny. According to the latest figures, 11 have collapsed, while 66 students and 10 teachers have died.
  • Reuters have drawn attention to the “quiet contest for influence between the government and Tibetan Buddhist monks who say they speak for the people of the area” (NB: paywalled).
  • Meanwhile, Austin Ramzy has focused on the intense aid relief efforts that Beijing is pursuing in order to lessen the “political tremors” of the disaster. Tania Branigan has also given us a poignant report of the survivors’ plight.
  • For live tweets from the disaster zone, follow @MalcolmMoore (The Telegraph) and @melissakchan on Twitter.

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